Elephant in the room

    We have completed a 60 second TV spot for online bathroom retailer The advert, directed by Matt Barraclough, features a girl (played by Brooke Carter) imagining a baby elephant arriving at her home with the family’s new bathroom. The elephant was created in 3D and composited into the live action footage.

  • Peacocks

    You do the wrapping!

    We got Honey G, Jedward, Wagner and Sam Bailey into the same room to sing about Peacocks getting Christmas sorted, so all you need to do is the wrapping! ABF just sleighed it!

  • E5P


    We filmed fashion from Everything 5 Pounds and some shocking reactions that you'll find it hard to forget

  • BOTB

    Dream Cars Delivered

    In this TV ad for BOTB we dropped an Aston Martin from a helicopter and delivered it via parachute to the winner. Dream Car Delivered!

  • Topps

    Match Attax Cards - Premier League 2017/18

    We went to the Topps Secret base with Kevin De Bruyne to discover just what goes into making the 2017/18 Premier League Match Attax Cards.

  • Soak

    Life Hack

    For this trio of TV adverts we see three stories of how Soak helps people escape from real life, if only for a moment.

  • Everything5Pounds

    The Secret

    In this TV ad for Everything5Pounds we took Towie legend Georgia Kousoulou and let her discover the secret - that everything guessed it, 5 pounds!

  • Days

    Store Now Open

    In this TV ad for the launch of brand new Carmarthen based department store Days we gave a taste of what customers could expect to see when it opens in this studio based shoot.

  • Soak

    Connected Worlds

    In this set of 3 TV ads for we explore how people are using everything at their fingertips to share ideas and find their perfect bathroom.

  • Cousins

    Winter Sale

    In this TV ad for Cousins we took a family to the massive Cousins flagship store in Manchester and shot them having a great time with Cousins extensive range of furniture.

  • Soak

    Love Your Bathroom

    In this TV ad for Soak we show how showing some love for the most important room in your house is only a few taps and swipes away

  • Zoek

    Zoe & Mark

    In this TV advert for Zoek we meet Zoe & Mark, Mark has been busy searching for a job, but not in a conventional way. This is the first in a series of ads for Zoek.

  • Styleworx

    Best Version of You

    For this TV commercial for Styleworx we used bespoke sets and a motion control camera rig to show how great the same person can look in different looks from the Styleworx website.

  • Soak


    In this TV advert for Soak we show just how important a role the bathroom takes in our everyday lives. This is the first TV ad for Soak since they rebranded from being Bath Empire.

  • Hello Fresh

    Mission Fresh

    In this ad for Hello Fresh we took to the road to find out exactly where Hello Fresh source their fresh food from. So now with the right amounts of food and a Hello Fresh recipe card you can make your own culinary masterpiece in your own kitchen.

    This ad was shot on location in Manchester and on the Isle of Wight.

  • MandM Direct


    For this TV Commercial we shot at locations in Portugal. We filmed our actors having tons of fun in the great weather modelling the latest clothing from MandM Direct.

  • MyMate Loans

    The loan you wanted

    In this TV advert we took a focus group to a top secret location. Based on their feedback, we gave them the loan they wanted. To compliment MyMate's flexible loans Chesney Hawkes recorded a MyMate version of "The One and Only" and also made a cameo appearance in the focus group.

  • Soak

    Summer Savings

    In this TV ad for Soak we show how a great new bathroom is only a few taps and swipes away

  • Virgin Bingo

    Made For Winners

    This ad was shot with a cast of 20 actors on green screen over two days. The surrounding 'make believe factory' was then created in CG over two months by the ABF team.

  • Iwoca

    Spirit of Business

    In this TV ad for Iwoca we went slow-mo and filmed Iwoca customers doing what they do best. From mechanics and carpenters to office workers and chefs Iwoca offer business loans to businesses of all shapes and sizes.

  • Fast Sale Today

    House Martin and the Maisonettes

    In this TV Advert we animated a four part vocal harmony group, they're singing birds and they love Fast Sale Today. This advert was created at our very own studios at the Sharp Project in Manchester.

  • Styleworx

    Best Version of You - Behind the Scenes video

    Watch how we made the "Best Version of You" TV commercial for Styleworx

  • Danone

    Eat like a Champ

    In this conference video for Danone we see children talk about healthy eating

  • Honest Crust

    Online Video

    In this latest online video we were asked to create something that captured the spirit of Honest Crust, independent sourdough pizza connoisseurs based in the heart of Cheshire. A day shooting on location and a whole lotta pizza later this is the end result, they look fab hey? Well they taste even better!!

    Don’t take our word for it, try them for yourself - you can find Honest Crust at Altrincham Market House

  • Bath Empire

    Online Content

    For Bath Empire's online video content we filmed Interior Designer Sian Astley sharing her expertise on making your own designer bathroom.

  • MandM Direct

    Behind the look

    For this branded content we made a 'Behind the look' video for MandM Direct based around their Summer 2015 TV campaign. The video explores the fashion seen throughout the ad as well as a glipse of some of the fun we had making the ad in Portugal.

  • B&Q

    We're talking own brands

    We worked with George and Co to produce a video for B&Q showcasing their own brands. Using live action footage and 3D animated characters we interviewed products and learned about the brands from their point of view

  • Danone

    Danone Nations Cup

    For this promotional video we filmed teams from around the UK competing at Aston Villa's training ground and interviewed football legend John Scales.

  • Glossop Caravans

    Glossop caravans Worldwide

    Corporate video explaining how Glossop Caravans carefully deliver Caravans internationally with a close attention to detail.

  • AQA


    This short animated film highlights a new product designed for use in schools.

  • Train2Game

    QA Tester

    Presented by The Gadget Show’s Ortis Dealy, the film was created to help reinforce the values of the Train2Game course.

  • MyTutor

    Tutor Version

    This film promotes an on-line company which offers virtual home tuition to struggling pupils. This video promotes itself to potential students.

  • MyTutor

    Learner Version

    This film promotes an on-line company which offers virtual home tuition to struggling pupils. This video promotes itself to potential students.

  • Accuvision


    A romantic take on having your eyes fixed. Lovely.

  • UK Batteries

    The Power You Need

    Based on a sit-com style comedy drama, this training video was awarded Gold at the IVCA awards.

  • GMPA

    We need you

    This internal communications piece explores the operations of the Greater Manchester Police Authority.

  • Drive Safe

    Is this love?

    This 3-minute video was distributed on give-away memory sticks to teenagers in order to encourage safer driving among teenage males.