Hello Fresh

Mission Fresh

A mission to drive customer acquisition with TV

After a successful test campaign in 2014 that saw great response, the guys at Hello Fresh came back to us to push things forward. This highly effective TV campaign featured co-founder Patrick Drake evangelising Hello Fresh and their mission to change the way people eat, forever. The ad was aired on TV in the UK and extensively in international regions.


The shoot for the Mission Fresh campaign took place over 2 days on location in the Isle of Wight. Filming involved interior customer experience scenes featuring an ensemble cast as well as presenter-led interior and exterior setups.

In a twist of fate, Hello Fresh was also launching an ad starring Jamie Oliver. Both creatives launched at the same time, we expected that star power would beat our results but our clear approach held its own against the naked chef.


Find out more at hellofresh.co.uk

ABF Pictures just 'get it'. They intuitively understand how to match product with culturally relevant messaging to create something that resonates with our customers. They've been with us from the (humble) beginning of our journey all the way up to our bigger campaigns and we've enjoyed every minute of working with them.

Patrick Drake - Co-Founder