Dragon Soop

The biggest nights are better shared

ABF Pictures ‘Get the soop in’

We were challenged by previous client Corinthian Brands to create a TV commercial for their burgeoning alcoholic drinks brand “Dragon Soop ESQ”. The campaign was to run in Scotland and needed to be turned around in weeks.


During development the scope of the project expanded to incorporate a radio ad and outdoor campaign.

We collaborated with the Scottish rock band “The Ronains” to create a vibrant, feel-good, rocking creative that drove recognition of Dragon Soop ESQ and also brought the brand’s core values to life.


In the creative we positioned Dragon Soop ESQ as a great accompaniment to any shared enjoyment for those who live life to full and celebrate together. After all the biggest nights are better shared.


An exciting shoot shot on location in Glasgow, including a recording session at the excellent Morsecode studio and culminating in a live show at the legendary Barrowlands Ballroom. ABF pictures were the first people since the beginning of Lockdown to turn on the legendary lights of the Barrowlands.


Find out more at dragonsoop.com