Pure Cremation

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New creative for 2022

This year, ABF once again collaborated with Pure Cremation to pitch a further development on their current creative. ABF had already produced incredible results with an effective direct response campaign for Pure Cremation. However, after establishing themselves as an industry leader Pure Cremation were now interested in building their brand by bringing “soul” to the creative strategy.

ABF Pictures produced a suite of commercials that remain highly responsive but also seek to connect with the consumer on a deeper level. The resulting creative had to show that cremation is more than a cost effective solution but a considered option often chosen with family in mind. ABF produced a series of sensitively filmed vignettes which show people at home in relatable moments. In this creative we see Pure Cremation presented as an option that fits into many people’s lives with an intimate visual and measured pacing to show the brand’s respectful approach to a deeply personal and sensitive subject.


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