Dream Cars Delivered

Can we drop a car from the sky? Of course, we can

To promote the dream car competition brand, BOTB, we produced a stand out creative execution involving supercars, helicopters and Hollywood visual effects talent. Filming involved shooting scenes on location and in a studio cut with additional visual effects sequences. These were achieved in a collaboration between our in-house effects team and external effects talent.

ABF partnered their existing in house CG expertise with Hollywood effects talent to deliver a creative spot that keys into the feel and visual style of a Hollywood action sequence. CG effects specialist Mark Wilson (Aviator) was brought in at the beginning of the project to develop and plan an epic airborne blockbuster sequence on a smaller budget.


On top of the CG work, the commercial also required live-action elements to be filmed. One of these scenes included a helicopter which, ABF sourced and transported to Stockport’s Z studio. This scene involved a pilot played by BOTB’s founder and CEO William Hindmarch. On completion, the ad was then scored by composer Tim Follin to complete the feel of an epic Hollywood action scene.


The final commercial went above and beyond what was thought possible on the budget. Whilst competitors pitched concepts involving cars filmed in a studio, ABF thought above and beyond. The sky was the limit.



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We've worked with ABF since 2015 and in that time have developed three creatives, each delivering better results in turn. The things I like most about working with them? They 'get it'. They're straight-talking, and they're a lot more cost-effective than London agencies. Definitely worth a chat if you're looking for some help with your TV creative.

Ben Hughes - Marketing Director