ABF Pictures

Christmas Video 2022

Announcing the launch of collectable team members

In time for the Christmas, ABF Pictures has announced the launch of its very own collectable team members. These miniature figurines are modelled after the company’s team of TV and video production professionals. From directors and producers to camera operators, editors and animators, each figure is accurately depicted in replica form. Fans of ABF Pictures can now play “TV and Video production” in their home or office with these fun and unique collectables.


ABF’s copywriter, Noah Matthews said “Welcome to the world of ABF – the miniature version! We know that adults are just as excited about collectables as kids, so why not have your own advertising agency in house? Sure, it’s not quite the real deal but with our ABF figures you can get creative and make your very own mini-campaigns, write award-winning ads and direct your own commercials. Plus, it’s way better than playing with Spider-man action figures or Barbie!”


The brand have revealed that they don’t actually plan on getting the collectables made for real – but very much enjoyed the making of their very own TV ad campaign.


Creative Director, Matt Barraclough said “We produce a short Christmas video for social media every year and this time around we thought it would be fun to get all the team involved, even if they are an animated toy. Everyone has certainly enjoyed the process.”