The one you wanted

It’s what they wanted…

A new brand in the pay day loan space recruited ABF to bring to life the Mymate brand on TV. They wanted a TV commercial that would stand out and ultimately make them famous. So we went big bold and brash, with a killer soundtrack from Chesney Hawkes, a ginormous stage, flashing lights and a group of animatronic orang-utans! 

All filmed on a green screen with motion control camera and Chesney Hawkes on the cast list, the advert was a pleasure to create. The staging and effects were all created by the ABF team and as for the Orang-utan, well, he was animatronic and was expertly provided by one of the UK’s leading special effects companies. Although you see multiples on screen, there was only one and he was called Otto. Inside Otto was Richard who danced around in multiple positions so we could comp together to create the illusion of many. 


The TV commercial was a big hit!