Carbon Monoxide Alarms

An alarmingly good collaboration

Mind Field Agency got in touch to ask ABF to help with a TV advertisement for AICO, the market leader in home safety. The creative, written by the talented people at Mind Field had a clear objective; to inform landlords that the law on carbon monoxide sensors was changing and that they should consider AICO as a first-class product to install in their properties. The creative was filmed on location in Greater Manchester, shooting through the night to create a dramatic piece of TV advertising that would resonate with landlords. The team at ABF worked hard to find a location that would fit with a typical property owned by landlords, whilst also appealing to a social housing market. In preparation for the shoot, the ABF team created unique animatics with layered sound to fully work out how the script would come together on screen. The edit took place in-house at ABF with additional sound, foley and mix being developed with White Claw Studios. 

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