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Sykes Holiday Cottages challenged the team at ABF to develop a suite of creative that supported their aim of broadening their core audience. In order to align the brand with a more mainstream audience and make the brand ‘famous’ with consumers, ABF developed a creative built around Ant & Dec’s iconic track ‘Let’s Get Ready to Rhumble’. A crowd-pleasing favourite, the song holds enormous nostalgic value for the British audience whilst also providing a unique opportunity to create a sonic signature for the brand.

The production was shot across the beautiful Welsh countryside, in a variety of locations in and around Sykes Cottages. Bucking the trend of current holiday industry creatives, which often feel sleepy, we wanted to highlight how a holiday with Sykes can be a springboard for relaxation and adventure. Paddle-boarding, open-water swimming and hiking were mixed with more tender moments, cuddling in front of roaring fires or unwinding in indulgent hot tubs. Combined with an exceptional cast, this also helps convey that whatever type of trip you want, there is a Sykes Holiday Cottage to suit your needs, whoever you are.


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