An effective, honest and incredibly hard working hybrid agency

We thrive on creating TV and video campaigns that actually work. We don’t want awards, we want results, results that matter to you and your brand. 


Over the past 10 years we’ve been working on making each and every advert, video or animation we make, even more responsive. We’re doing this by interrogating your brief, understanding your customers and using our proven techniques in response based creative. Our aim is always to make the process easy, affordable and focused on what matters to you.

We are more than great ideas, we are great cost-effective production too. We can deliver your campaign from start to finish including the compliance and distribution. We’ve already produced thousands of broadcast TV commercials and videos that our clients love and have enjoyed the benefit of. 


We are based in Manchester UK, but our client base is global – serving challenger brands, retail, e-commerce and more. 

Meet the team

Matt Barraclough

Owner/Creative Director

Paul Ambler

Owner/Art Director

Nicole Clowes

Client Relations Director

Amber Hooker


John Vaughan


Seb James

Head of Motion

Patrick Farrell


Brad Brown


Our process

This is how we do it. Find out what goes into making a TV advert with ABF.