Get your creative in shape 2023

January 1

Marketing Directors, you know the drill: it’s time to get your TV ad creative working harder for 2023. DRTV is a great way to get the most out of your TV advertising budget. But it’s not enough to just have TV commercials — you need creative, engaging content that stands out from all the other noise on air. That’s where an excellent creative agency comes in. They can help you craft powerful DRTV spots that deliver measurable results and build brand awareness. The right creative agency will also help you develop targeted campaigns for different audiences, so you know you’re getting your message across effectively and efficiently. Get ready to make DRTV work harder for you in 2023! Let’s start planning now!  With the help of a creative agency, you can create high-quality marketing materials that will attract attention and get results.


Logo Placement 


Your logo is one of the most important elements in your DRTV creative. It needs to be visible and easy to remember so that viewers will still know who the ad is from after they’ve seen it. Get creative with where you put the logo – don’t just stick it at the end of the ad! TV audiences are passive viewers, often looking up from their phones periodically. This means they need to see your logo straight away. 


Call to Action 


DRTV advertising is all about getting customers to take action, so the call to action should be one of the main focuses of your creative. It needs to be clear and visible, and it also helps if you make it stand out in some way. That way, viewers will know exactly what they need to do once they’ve seen the ad. If possible, focus on one primary call to action, such as your web address. Customers are unlikely to use a phone number unless you are running a longer TV ad that is at least 60 seconds long. Also, think about ways to tempt your audience with an offer – discounts and freebies are always popular. You could create two versions of your advertorial creative – with and without an offer included – and see which drives customers best.


Music and Voiceover 


Music and voiceovers are another important part of DRTV creative – they help to draw viewers in and keep them engaged with the ad. Make sure you work with an experienced creative agency that knows how to choose music and voices that will resonate with your target audience. Additionally, you’ll want to get a professional voiceover artist who can deliver your message with clarity and emotion. Don’t be afraid to get creative here – DRTV advertising is all about standing out from the crowd!


Dogs, babies, phones and beyond!


Dogs, babies, and phones may not seem like much, but they are powerful DRTV visuals. People love seeing animals and infants because it makes them look up at the screen rather than continuing to scroll. Phones are also a significant part of people’s lives, so including them in your ad will resonate with viewers. phones can be just as addictive as cigarettes! By displaying a phone in your advertisement, it becomes evident what response you desire from customers. And I can assure you that most traffic generated from television adverts are smartphone searches. So don’t hesitate to incorporate phones into your ads (if possible). Your creative agency will have plenty of great ideas on how to execute this!


At the end of the day, DRTV advertising is all about getting people to take action. If you want your DRTV creative to be successful in 2023, make sure you follow these tips and get creative with your logo placement, call to action, music/voiceover selection and standout moments. With a great DRTV creative, you can reach more customers, drive conversions and increase your ROI! 


Good luck!