Creating Cuddle Free TV Commercials – A Covid 19 Update

May 21

COVID-19 has had quite an impact on ABF, just like the rest of the world. We’ve been navigating our way through this incredibly strange time the only way we know how; with teamwork, a positive attitude and the most ridiculous amount of Zoom calls.


Over the past 8 weeks ABF have been able to adapt and transform into a fully functioning production company from our kitchens/living rooms/home offices (if we’re lucky) and even our kids’ bedrooms – a needs must. We’ve been busy creating and producing for old and new clients through a variety of executions that have been possible during the lockdown restrictions. Re-vitalising edits, new graphic focused adverts, CG, character animation, remote filming – you name it, we’ve done it.



But what we’ve been eager to get back to is, of course, live-action shooting and thanks to the recent government announcement – that the film and TV industry may resume shooting – we now find ourselves back doing what we love. Although it won’t quite be the same as before (no hugs, fist bumps or sausage roll platters), we are thrilled to be able to get back on set with our lovely crew and create some fabulous content.


Safety has always been a pivotal part of the filming process; ensuring our crew, cast and clients are safe and their wellbeing looked after is something we’ve always prioritised. This hasn’t changed but our process to implement this has, and it will continue to change as the current climate adapts over the coming months. We will be implementing additional safe working practices on set that will include social distancing measures, adequate PPE for all stakeholders and rigorous sanitisation of locations, props, equipment and people (hands only – don’t worry). We will continue to update these measures as necessary to stay in line with government guidance and maintain a safe space for our team to create. It’s been a collaboration between departments to hit the ground running on our upcoming live-action projects and luckily for us, we work with a fantastic creative bunch who understand the constraints caused by COVID-19 and are mindfully creating ideas for our clients that CAN be produced safely and deliver strong results.



If you’d like to know more about our safe working plan or have any questions on producing during COVID-19 we’d love to to hear from you. Get in touch at